Heating & Air Maintenance Programs

Why Should You Buy a Maintenance Plan for Your Heating & Air Conditioning System?

Purchasing a preventive maintenance plan for your heating and air conditioning system from Hill Service Company of Lavonia, GA will help you prevent breakdowns, keep energy costs down, and prevent 80 percent of system failures.

Every year, consumers spend millions of dollars on repairs that could have been prevented. Your heating and cooling system is a vital and integral part of your home. Often, homeowners pay little attention to whether it is maintained according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Like your car, your heating and air conditioning unit needs regular preventive maintenance to keep it in peak working condition and to keep your operating costs down. A system checkup will include service and cleaning of parts like blower fans, coils, compressors, drain lines, and refrigerant. All of these things contribute to decreased efficiency and costly repairs if they aren’t properly maintained. Purchasing an annual maintenance program from Hill Service Company will be much less expensive than repairs.

Maintenance Service Program Choices

Silver Quick Start Plan

Our Silver Quick Start Plan covers all the basics to make sure your home’s comfort systems are working safely and effectively. This yearly visit will check either your heating or air conditioning unit’s evaporator and will clean the condenser coils. We’ll check refrigerants, blowers, safety controls, filters, and thermostats. This inspection and cleaning will keep your HVAC unit working efficiently, saving you money and keeping you comfortable.

Gold Continued Maintenance Plan

Our Gold Continued Maintenance Plan includes one 20-point inspection and tune-up seasonal service for both your heating and cooling systems. In addition to the services provided with our Silver Quick Start Plan, we’ll take extra steps  to help extend the life of your HVAC equipment. These include flushing debris and algae from the condensate drain line, checking the compressor amperage, cleaning and adjusting the burner assembly, tightening electrical connections, and lubricating all moving parts as needed. This plan also included discounts on any necessary repairs.

Platinum Extended Coverage Plan

This plan includes the same biannual 20-point precision tune-up as our Gold Continued Maintenance Plan. Plus, you’ll get our “No Cost Guarantee” service. Under this plan, if you need an emergency service call during the coverage plan year, the diagnostic fee is waived! Also, one Standard Replacement Part is free one time during the contract year. Parts included in this plan include contactors, transformers, run capacitors, pressure switches, time delay controls, standard thermostats, fan relays, HSI ignitors, and start capacitors. Platinum customers also move to the top of our call list in the event of a sudden, unexpected breakdown.